Damn Simple, Damn Delicious Pork Spare Ribs Recipe


If you search long enough, you’ll find 1,001 different methods to cook ribs, so it can be incredibly overwhelming to try to figure out the one method that will deliver the lip-smacking, finger-sucking, amazing spare ribs that you’re after. Debunking the myth Before we dive into my spare rib recipe, let’s get something straight right… 

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Share the Love #4 – Thanksgiving, Kamado Style


I say the same thing every year – I simply cannot believe the holidays are right around the corner already! How is it that they manage to sneak up on me like this year after year after year? While we’re going to be traveling to Connecticut, to my wife’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving this year,… 

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Review and Giveaway: Perfect BBQ Tek Kamado Chimney Cap


Ask any owner of a Kamado grill and they’ll passionately rave about them until you can no longer stand it, however there is one minor flaw that’s common among all Kamado brands that they might not necessarily be so quick to tell you about: cooking in the elements can sometimes be a pain in the… 

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